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The making of music mashes [Pop Danthology]

It was interesting to see this video by Daniel Kim about how he makes the music mashups.  As a computer teacher in elementary school I was once tasked with trying to make one myself for an assembly.  I was given about a week to do it with no formal training in music and none of the proper software.  Given these factors, I failed miserably and it sounded awful.

After seeing how Daniel Kim does it and what programs he uses makes me want to try again.

Daniel mentions and uses the following programs to create his masterpieces:

One might swap out Logic Pro X with Garageband and Final Cut Pro with iMovie, both of which come with most Macs, to still get results.

Check out his explanation of using the software, and the theory and time behind his work here:

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Fitbug – Another fitness tracker?!

So, I started using the Fitbug.  It seems simple.  It works with the iPhone + It links to my PingAn insurance company.  What does this mean?  It means that if I do a certain amount of fitness each day or each week I earn points.  These points get me things like: movie tickets, or even cash back rewards when I do online shopping.  How cool is that?  I was going to work out anyway.  Now there is more incentive.  I will tell you how things go here on the blog.  Keep posted.

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Find out what’s taking space on your Mac hard drive – CNET

FilesYour Mac is running slow and suddenly warns that you’re running low on disk space. But where did all that storage go? Find out with this easy guide.


I don’t know why Apple tries to hide things like this…and getting your files off your iPods, iPhones, etc. Why Apple? Why?

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Which iPad App do you think is better for education?

The iOS home screen.

Which iPad App do you think is better for education?

This list was compiled at an IB regional conference in the Hague by Fons van den Berg and Mark Pentleton
Basketball Score Board HD can be used to count points and iFlip Timer for iPad is showcased as a good timer



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