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Find out what’s taking space on your Mac hard drive – CNET

FilesYour Mac is running slow and suddenly warns that you’re running low on disk space. But where did all that storage go? Find out with this easy guide.


I don’t know why Apple tries to hide things like this…and getting your files off your iPods, iPhones, etc. Why Apple? Why?

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Google+ Auto Backup for desktop – Picasa and Picasa Web Albums Help

It’s now easier than ever to backup all your photos with Google+ Auto Backup, available for Windows and Mac. Automatically sync photos from your desktop computer and any time you connect a p


I have not been inclined to put all my photos on to Flikr or Picasa for some reason. But now that these are all accessible through my Google+ account and I have unlimited free storage space with under a 2048px photo I will batch upload them all after I download the product. Next, I need to organise them all.

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