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AI Harnessing – and so many questions…

I was talking with educators about the new ChatGPT … Some were worried. Some wanted to shut it down right away with students. Others, thought we need to understand it more.

I, however, immediately thought, “How might I harness the power of GPT – in education, in everything?”

Shortly after this thought, I realized that this question wasn’t powerful enough. Rather, I rephrased the idea to,

“How might I use the power of AI to stand out from others who are also using the power of AI?”

Then, it got me thinking about, “How will we know if something is AI in the future?” ChatGPT had this to say:

If you haven’t heard about deepfake then it is time to look some things up. Or, you can ask ChatGPT to tell you about it too. For example:

Notice that it corrected my incorrect spelling too.

It is happening ubiquitously more and more. From text, to audio, to video – it is becoming less and less likely that we (as educators and sentient humans) are able to know whether something is made by humans or not. Finally, I asked ChatGPT the following:

I’m really interested to know your thoughts about AI and the future. Please leave your ideas below (even if you are a bot)

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Best prompts for ChatGPT

Ok, so you could try these to see what the response gets you:

  1. “Tell me a joke”
  2. “What is the meaning of life?”
  3. “What is your favorite book/movie?”
  4. “Can you write me a poem?”
  5. “What is the future of technology?”
  6. “What are your thoughts on artificial intelligence?”
  7. “What is the best way to learn a new language?”
  8. “What is your opinion on climate change?”
  9. “What is the most important thing humans should do to improve their lives?”
  10. “What is the meaning of happiness?”

But have you also heard of TANO prompts?

T-ask – What do you want?
A-udience – Who is it for?
N-on-negotiables – What must it do?
O-utput – What format and style should it be in?

Now get going and generate better responses from ChatGPT.

Any ideas that you have about getting better results, I am keen to hear.

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