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Fitbug – Another fitness tracker?!

So, I started using the Fitbug.  It seems simple.  It works with the iPhone + It links to my PingAn insurance company.  What does this mean?  It means that if I do a certain amount of fitness each day or each week I earn points.  These points get me things like: movie tickets, or even cash back rewards when I do online shopping.  How cool is that?  I was going to work out anyway.  Now there is more incentive.  I will tell you how things go here on the blog.  Keep posted.

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Estar takee – El primer Smartphone Holográfico 3D – YouTube

Segun dicen saldrá oficialmente el día 17 de Julio en China.


I wonder if it is as real as it looks like in the video.  Wow!

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Gone are keyboards: Surface Computing


Schools are eager to become 1:1 with laptop programs, but they are wrong with this kind of thinking.  Gone will be the days of mice and keyboards.  The 5:1 and 4:1 classrooms are those of the future for tech-heavy, well-endowed and ‘lucky’ schools. What do these programs consist of? Let’s look:

  1. Projector / with Mimio, Smartboard, or Promethian – no keyboards
  2. Wacom Tablets and All-in-one Multitouch Computers – no keyboards
  3. Surface Computers, like Windows / Samsung Surface Computers – no keyboards
  4. Tablets, like iPads, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Asus Eee Pad, Motorolla Xoom (My choice) – no keyboards
  5. Smart phones using Swype technology– no keyboards

And maybe a notebook here and there with a keyboard for my grandma.  But let’s be done with the rows and rows of computer desktop classrooms.


I am hoping that provocative questions like these are proof enough:


What does this mean for schools and educators?  This means:

  • Different ideas for the budget.
  • Continued training for teachers about how to use these devices.
  • Technology Integration Specialists, instead of classroom technology teachers
  • Allowing students to bring their devices to school
  • Supporting student devices, both physically, through networking and academically, with authentic connections to lessons
  • Everyone needs New ways of thinking.

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I want that.

Bento box from Fujitsu.  I didn’t know I needed this before, but now I can’t see how I can live my life without it. I was writing posts about the 3:1 ratio that people need for the future, and now it seems that Fujitsu has heard what I was saying. From my understanding everything works in sync with itself: the notepad holds everything; the tablet becomes the keyboard; and the smart phone is the track-pad; plus more. Its sleek.

As we all know with technology, the first versions of everything are always cool, but I wonder what other companies have up their sleeves along these lines. I agree with the jump article which states tactile touch keyboards have something that a digital surface is missing.  All in all though, I like it.

Read more here.


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