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Trials and tribulations of job searching

A while ago, I started a job search using Search Associates.  I was trawling through online advertisements for employment.  In doing so I came to realize that what may be considered great for the receivers of data entry in the form of forms is awful for people having to fill in these forms.  Quite often the receiver is asking you to fill everything in that you already have in another format.  Only now you are creating duplicate entries and probably doing this through a time-consuming manner.  (That of separate fields)

I understand why it is done, which is because different schools want specific information.  This ensures the case.  However, I am using this blog as a vent for relief and vow not to make too many of these forms if I think there can be a better data collection method.


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Using Google Docs for students with colored criterion

I have found a fantastic way to use Google Docs with students. Google Docs allows us to share documents like Word through the cloud. We can edit at the same time allowing the sharing of information back & forth.

What this enables me to do is create color coded criterion.

The students take this criterion and color code their answers to show they have covered all parts. It allows very quick examination from a student and a teacher to see where something may have been missed.

Feedback from the students also has demonstrated they like this way of doing things. I have encouraged them to take this idea beyond Google Docs to better examine chunky sets of instructions.


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New job title: Tech Integration Specialist

As many of my Concordian fellows know, I have come to a juncture in my road of education.  I will be leaving Thailand in order to move on to Turkey.  Doing so, I will also change job positions from a technology teacher for grades 6-10 in the MYP to a technology integration specialist for PYP.I look forward to the challenges it will bring working more closely with colleagues and getting back to the PYP.

One of my first jobs will be to gain to knowledge of many of the teachers I am working with right now.  I will send out a survey to see what kinds of things technologies they are implementing in their classrooms now.

I will also talk with people from my ISTEC group here in Thailand, possibly leading me to talking with other integration specialists from NIST and other schools.

A subsequent approach to formative learning in my new school will be to do the same with my new colleagues.  I am planning that it will prove positive in order to help guide my own working experience for the integration.


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