Students are resources. Here are some reasons why.

07 Nov

To help develop this website and also to tap into the expertise and know-how of students, I asked them to view the site in progress in order to comment, blog, and make additions.  I set up the class with a Microsoft One-Note* document available for all students to have access to.  I created a few headings.  In this case: good blogs, cool links, neat videos, music and games, and then let them to it.

I started with my grade 7 class and I think they had a lot of fun with the assignment.  In doing this, I found out more about where they were coming from and they also found out a lot of cool things about their peers.

I feel the project worked so well I will have to try it out with other grades.

*One-Note is an excellent collaboration tool because it can be linked through a common server or LAN thus enabling multiple users to write and create on the same document simultaneously.


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