The MAC | PC debate

05 Dec

In a colleagues class, students were writing debates.  The students were allowed to create their own topic.  One student decided the “MAC versus PC” debate.  He decided to come ask me, “Which is better?”

“It’s not that simple,” I said.  For example, which Mac are you comparing to which PC?  At present Apple has the MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Mini, and the Mac Pro.  As well, there are a plethora of PCs tailored specifically to gaming, business, multimedia and cost.  In usual fashion, and even though most Mac owners do not like to admit it, the tailored PC is better suited for its purpose.

What is it then that people like about Mac computers?  Back in the day it was the graphical user interface with the Apple “Lisa” vs a PCs MS-DOS system.  There was also the “out of the bag” aspect that Mac has always had compared to a PC.  PCs needed most software installed.  The Mac didn’t.  Mac continues this “loaded applications on arrival” philosophy today.

The “Macintosh” developed slow clientele, but the introduction of the laser-writer printer and Pagemaker meant it was a desktop publishing machine for a home user.  Graphic designers flocked to it, considering it the machine of choice for a long time.

Mac supposedly released Firewire and the palmtop.  But even Firewire was a company acquired from Zayante. It was thought that Apple also invented such things as the trackpad on laptop, the mouse, multitouch, accelerometers, and the USB.  However, most of these innovations were created by other companies, adopted by Apple, tweaked, released and then marketed well.  See this article for more information relating to the misconceptions.

For an excellent history of apple releases with a neat time line, check out this CNet article.

Back to the question, “Which is better?”  I stick with my original posit that each computer has its advantages.  The PC seems better for gaming, modifying, over-clocking, software availability, budget and uniqueness.

Mac users like the start up speed, Safari Browser (Chrome is giving Mac a run), multiple applications loaded out of the box, superior editing and graphic production software, simplicity, and the idea that fewer malicious programs are written for it.  However, the botnet virus has some users feeling unsafe.

Things change daily in the world of electronics.  Advertising has a lot to do with it all.   It comes down to personal choice.  Note: Every computer coming out of the shops today has more than enough power, space, and speed for the uninitiated user’s needs.  They can all handle tasks like email, videos, word processing.  These should no longer be concerns for someone looking to buy a computer.  If you feel happy with the computer you are using, then this is the one that is better than the other.  Good luck.

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  1. Andy

    April 25, 2011 at 5:53 am

    This is quite an amusing topic….


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