Great Primary ICT ideas

21 Mar

Just sat in a little meeting about some ideas for tech in the PYP.  These were some of the things that were shared:

Managing blogs:

  • Schools need to set a minimum amount per week for teachers.  The general consensus seemed to be at least once or twice a week.  This way no one in the set was looking like an outlier (bad compared to others)
  • Consent forms for student photos are needed if they are to be used on the blog.
  • The idea of an after-school bloggers club came up.  Some teachers were pursuing this.

Traffic light system:

  • This is a neat and simple idea for students to self assess along with teachers:
  • Red – Student cannot do it
  • Yellow – Student can do with help
  • Green – Student can do this by them self

Using PowerPoint in new ways

  • Students take screen-shots using a program to show progress and incorporate it into the slide-show
  • Students add arrows and text to explain what they have done
  • Students use the PowerPoint presentation to explain what has been done to others

A resources that was mentioned to stay away from was:

  • epals – it was mentioned to be rubbish – not updated and not accessible

Good resources were:


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One response to “Great Primary ICT ideas

  1. Heart

    April 25, 2011 at 6:35 am

    Great idea but what is the benefit of doing that?


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