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Necessary tricks for the iPad

The following list are some not-so-obvious iPad tricks that everyone should know about:

  • Screenshots

    To take a screenshot, simply press the “Sleep/Wake-Power” button along with the “Home” button at the same time
  • Turn off Programs running

    Double click your “Home” button. After doing this you will notice a bottom display arise. Press and hold an icon. They will all start to jiggle…They will also have little red “x”s in the top-left corner. Press these in order to shut off programs that are running in the background. This will save on battery life.
  • Combining programs

    To add programs to a cluster like you see in the picture above, Click and Hold a program until it start to jiggle. Drag the program on to another icon. It will automatically create a cluster and will try to name it for you. You can rename it if you would like.
  • Selecting

    While on text, if you would like to select, copy, cut, paste: double click on the text you would like to affect. It will automatically ask you if you would like to do any of the above mentioned tasks. If you would like to select more, drag the little blue dots to the left or to the right of the word until you are selecting precisely.
  • Undo

    Just Shake it! Ha ha. Neat.

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