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In coming up with good information to have on this website I not only have to delve into my own knowledge base, but I also find myself cruising the web to see what others are doing.  One such mentor I turn to runs The Thinking Stickover at ISB, here in Thailand.

Jeff Utecht has come across my path a few times.  First, at an Earcos conference in Malaysia, then at another ISTEC meeting I hosted at Concordian International School.

Most recently I have heard him talk at the TEDxKrungthep Event that I helped coordinate from a web presence point of view.  I ended up making the website and helped to make everything “live” through video streaming and constant Facebook and Twitter [no, I’m not linking these] updates.  Lots of fun and work.

But back to my point of research and I am constantly looking for good sites, neat tricks, great time saving devices, and excellent linking and syncing software and applications.  If you have any ideas, please add comments.

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