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ICT integration at NIST

I am researching what ICT integration is and what it looks like.  While doing so I came across an interesting document from NIST that stated exactly what I was looking for:

What is ICT and what is ICT Integration?

ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology and is used as a term to describe all technologies that manipulate and communicate information. This term is the preferred term in education because ICT covers all digital equipment such as computers, camera’s, PDA’s, calculators, sounds recorders, mp3 players and all other digital equipment imaginable.

In the Elementary School at NIST Information and Communication Technology is part of the classroom experience and students use digital equipment on an almost daily basis. To make meaningful connections between the units of inquiry and ICT experiences, the ICT teachers work in close collaboration with the homeroom teachers. This way we can ensure students make connections between previously acquired concepts and we support them with their inquiries.

What are the underlining principles?

We believe that ICT is a catalyst for learning, promotes creativity, brings members of the community together, enhances understanding and gives people a voice. Below are some essential agreements about ICT in the elementary school:

  • Well integrated ICT into the classroom allows us to expand, broaden, and enhance all aspects of learning
  • The ICT department works in collaboration with the year level teams to make meaningful connections between classroom content and ICT activities
  • We believe that the ICT experience should be inquiry based and that there should be room for exploration and discovery

What does ICT Integration look like in practice?

The Elementary School is equipped with two computer labs and one drop-in lab that can support up to one full sized elementary class. Students in year 4, 5 and 6 have laptop carts available that can be used in the classrooms.

The Elementary ICT team works in collaboration with the different year levels to plan lessons and make meaningful connections to the units of inquiry. The ICT teachers are on a flexible timetable which gives room for flexibility and homeroom teachers can book us to assist in the classroom or for lessons in the computer labs.

Of course, I will be cross-referencing this with other sources when I find and add them here.


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What a Sign-out policy for teachers looks like

Below is a policy I developed for Concordian International School that was to be used by the tech department in addition to each piece of electronic or technical equipment that would be signed out by a member of staff.  It was adapted largely from Bangkok Pattana’s policy found here.

1. Introduction

Teachers will receive one (1) new computer upon commencement of their initial contract.  Computers will be exchanged or upgraded at the end of five (5) consecutive years of service to Concordian International School.  Other members of staff may be issued a portable computing device depending upon circumstances. This may be a laptop or other technical apparatus and is to be used to support school work.  This is school property loaned to the staff.  All teachers and staff members have the right to decline.

2. Ownership

2.1 The School shall retain ownership of the computer or technical apparatus throughout the contract tenure of the staff member.
2.2 The School shall be responsible for purchasing, taxation, and installation of licensed software.

2.3 The staff member agrees to return the laptop computer or technical apparatus to the school upon cessation of contractual employment.

2.4 The school may choose to sell returned computers to teachers and staff.  Prices will be fixed accordingly to market value at the time.  Computer sales will be announced through appropriate means.

3. Conditions of Issue and Use

3.1 The member of staff agrees to be bound by the school’s “Acceptable use Policy” for using ICT systems and equipment.
3.2 The member of staff issued with a portable computer or technical apparatus shall be expected to use the capabilities of this item as a working tool for their assigned duties, including enhancement of lesson preparation and presentation.
3.3 The staff member shall be expected to display competency in the use of the laptop computer or technical device as a model in learning technology and classroom practice.

3.4 The administration reserves the right to withdraw the privilege of the laptop computer or technical apparatus if it is so determined that the computer or technical apparatus has not been effectively used for its specific school purpose or instances when competency cannot be demonstrated.

3.5 The staff member shall show due responsibility in the care of the computer or technical apparatus. The computer or technical apparatus is not covered by the school’s insurance policy in the case of “wilful act or wilful negligence…”

3.6 Wilful acts will be charged completely to the user.

3.7 Accidents will be covered 50% by the school.  The remaining 50% shall be covered by the user.

3.8 In the instance of loss or theft of the laptop computer or technical apparatus, it is the responsibility of the staff member to report such incidence to the police and advise the school.

3.9 School insurance covers theft only on school property if the computer was locked in a secure cabinet or closet. School insurance will need proof of physical evidence of removal which will be apparent through forced entry OR verification through video surveillance. The user is 100% responsible for coverage off school premises, through his or her own insurance or otherwise.

3.10 The school will provide basic repair and maintenance for the laptop computer or technical apparatus but shall determine the level of repair that is warranted.

3.11 Loss, theft or damage shall be the responsibility of the staff member. In such instances unrecoverable replacement costs will be charged to the staff member.

3.12 The academic staff member shall only install licensed software on the computer or technical apparatus approved by the IT department. In the instance of a staff member installing non-licensed software, the administration reserves the right to remove the privilege of use of the laptop computer or technical apparatus and the staff member will be fully liable for the consequences of their actions.

3.13 The staff member may return possession of the laptop or technical apparatus in working condition to the school at any time, without further obligation to the school.  Computers will be checked for normal “wear and tear” which will not be charged to the staff member.  For other conditions, refer to CONDITIONS OF ISSUE AND USE 3.5 and 3.6 accordingly.

3.14 The school is not responsible for data loss or unrecoverable data on any computer or technical apparatus.

4. Networking and Internet

4.1 The school will provide a network card and internet login for each laptop or technical apparatus.
4.2 Off campus internet access is the sole responsibility of the academic staff member.

5. Basic Competency

5.1 The school will provide an initial training session on the basics of the use, care and security of the computer or technical apparatus. Additional and ongoing support is available as required.


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