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iPad2 best apps

I bought my iPad2 the other day. I am wowed by it constantly. I am using it for:

  • fitness
  • an alarm clock
  • reading books
  • social networking
  • taking and editing video
  • weather forcasts
  • stocks
  • syncing and updating my calendar on the go
  • translating
  • so much more

Already, two teachers today mentioned they wanted one as well and then they asked me the question:

“What apps should I get for it?”

So, here’s my initial list:

  • Pages -$9.99 Mac Word Processing
  • Numbers -$9.99 Mac Spreadsheet
  • Keynote -$9.99 Mac PowerPoint
  • iMovie – $4.99 Mac Video Editing
  • Calendars – $6.99 Sync Google Calendar – Pocket InformantHD – $14.99 seems like a more slick app actually
  • Quickoffice – $14.99 (on sale) Simple Office Quite
  • Kobo – FREE Document Reader
  • iTranslate – FREE Translator
  • Fitness – FREE Fitness Organizer
  • iHome+Sleep – FREE Alarm Clock plays music, shows weather, more
  • Skype – FREE Video Conferencing
  • Friendly – FREE Facebook App
  • iLoadLite – FREE Uploading videos to Facebook
  • pdf-Notes – FREE PDF Reader
  • Tweetdeck – FREE Twitter Organizer
  • Bloomberg – FREE Stock Market Reader – Market Scan – Stock Technical Analysis $19.99 a good addition for serious users
  • Scan – FREE QR Code Scanner
  • TED – FREE Link to TED talks
  • Shazaam – FREE Program to Recognize music
  • Adobe Photoshop Express – FREE Program to crop and edit photos
  • Adobe Ideas – FREE Drawing Program
  • IMDB – FREE Link to International Movie Database
  • Ebay – FREE Link to Ebay
  • Flipboard – FREE Social Media Organizer
  • Accuweather – FREE Weather Forcasts
  • Social Stats – FREE Quick Statistics of Country Populations
  • Photobucket – FREE
  • Transport Maps – FREE
  • Compass – FREE
  • Calculator Pro – FREE
  • Dictionary – FREE

I don’t play games, so ask your students which are the best ones out there.

Two recommendations to me:

  • Whatsapp $.99 Chatting
  • Viber FREE phone calls

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If you own a computer…you must have | the list

In my last post I was talking about things that are great for neat tricks, great time saving devices, excellent linking and syncing software / applications and also good websites.  If I was to get a new computer, I would recommend getting the Microsoft Software and the Adobe Creative Suite put in first, but then I would be tweaking the computer out with the remaining products.  All of them are free and easily available online found at the links below.  Check them out for yourself and install them today:

I hope contributions will allow me to come back here to add more.  Thanks, in advance, for your help.

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