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iPad3, 4 and beyond predictions (requests)

I love my iPad2.  That said, I have a few ideas for the developers.  So listen up.

Here we go:

  • Thinner and Lighter – most obviously
  • Screen completely to the edges – I expect
  • Unlimited battery life (I can see this not being an issue one day.  What is going on with wireless energy transfer anyway? Read more here and here) or built-in extendable plug
  • Unlimited hard-drive space (I bet one day in the near future we will laugh at the days ‘when people used to run out of space on their drives’.  The notion of Cloud Computing is taking us leaps and bounds, but it is still in its infancy)
  • Super-flipping fast because of terabytes and more of RAM and super wicked processors
  • Two flashes built-in on the front and the back
  • Magnetic electric cord – Macbooks have them.  Why don’t the iPods, iPads, and iPhones?
  • Ability to make phone calls with it – Hey! We thought phones were just getting smaller, but since maybe you only want to carry around the one device for that moment, why not?
  • Biometric or fingerprint scans to turn the devices on or login – Other computers are doing this, why isn’t Apple?
  • Water Proof
  • USB slots.  We all want them.  Give em to us?  Or is there a screaming new attachment slot that is better?  Actually, why not magnetic USB?  We can do it with the power cord.  Let’s do it with the USB or whatever we want to call the Magnetic Universal Connecting Cord (MUCC – Trademark Thomas Adam Johnson 2011 – hehe)
  • Auto-focus on the cameras and possibly even built-in OCR
  • The incorporation of Adobe with Apple – Like WTF? (Why the Face? am I not allowed to view Flash content on my iPad without serious tweaks?  let’s get out schnizzle together and make it work for the peeps)

I should work for Apple, but then the new device would be called the iTom.  Yeah!

Some other ideas I read about were a stylus pen attachment and a holographic, interactive imagery (think Star Wars).


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