First tech experiences…what was revelational for you?

09 Apr

I’m just thinking back to my short life and remembering the times that I witnessed something in life about technology that changed my understanding of life. One might say, “Mind Blown!” So, here are a few that had me say out loud, “Wow” – or not at the time fully understand the ramifications of what it meant.

I remember we were on a trip down to Florida to go to Disneyworld sometime in the mid-80s. I want to say I was 7 at the time, but if my mom is reading this, she can correct me and I will edit. Anyway, my mind was blown the first time I encountered a tap with water that worked with a sensor, on its own, rather than by turning or moving a tap. We were driving and at a rest stop. I tried it and WOW! I needed to bring all of the family in to see and try it themselves. It was the first time I remember automation with sensors affecting me in a magical way.

I was in a computer store in 1989, buying something with my dad and I remember seeing the the graphics of the Commodore Amiga. On the computer, there was a demo game of Battle Chess. Let’s just say I was in awe of the amazing details and movement of the pieces that killed one another in each move.

I was in university at OCAD (1996/97ish) and was typing on my computer. I think I was using Microsoft word and it must have updated or I had never made a mistake before – probably the former. Either way, I witnessed auto-correct. I did not know about it and I actually thought there was some sort of ghost in my machine. No joke! I was telling my friend David Larraguibel about it and he explained to me what it was. Although revelational, my excitement was brought down a bit as I realized that others were encountering this planned feature. Now, I watch students using their iPads and I wonder what their writing would look like without this function. ITs woold probbabbley bee preddy badd.

I was at the home I lived in at Whitby Ontario probably around 2000? Anyway, I was sending a friend off in her ride. She was getting into the back of the car. Maybe it was a taxi – maybe not. Doesn’t matter. Either way, she said to me, as she was closing the door, “Have you heard about this new search engine, Google? It is amazing and it is going to change everything.” I think I went upstairs to my computer right away and tried it. Let’s just say, “Unbelievable!” No ads, and it seemed to be returning the results I needed right away. Good-bye AltaVista and Ask Jeeves. Hello Google!

It was January 8th, 2023. I had just read about ChatGPT. I got on the computer – tried it – Mind Blown! I couldn’t wait to show everyone at school the next day the capabilities of this beast as I would be hosting a professional development day for staff. Little did I know that the head of school would beat-me-to-the-punch. He announced it in his address to staff about 3 hours before I could fully demonstrate its power and usability. Let’s just say that I have been showing others in small groups or one-on-one since, try, testing, and pushing it now, reading all about it, and thinking about it constantly. I truly believe that A.I. is and will be the biggest thing since sliced bread – possibly even a whole lot bigger. Watch this space!

Write some of the things that you witnessed for the first time and how they were mind-blowing experiences for you.


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