As educators, as humans – AI considerations

07 Apr

Questions we should begin to ask ourselves:

QuestionsImportance for HumansImportance for Educators
What safety and security measures should be taken to prevent the misuse of AI and ensure its responsible development?113
How might we prevent AI from being used to create autonomous weapons or other systems that could cause harm?215
How might we ensure that AI systems are transparent and accountable, particularly in high-stakes applications such as hiring or criminal justice?314
How might powerful new technologies help create more sustainable and inclusive practices?41
How can we identify and mitigate bias or other problems?52
How might we develop solutions that promote reliability and fairness?63
What ethical and legal considerations should be taken into account when using AI in educational settings?74
How might AI be used to enhance student learning experiences and improve academic outcomes?85
How might AI be used to personalize learning and meet the needs of individual students?910
How might AI be used to support students with special needs or learning disabilities?106
How might the use of AI in education impact the future of work and the skills that students will need to succeed in a rapidly changing job market?117
How might AI be integrated into the curriculum in a way that complements and supports existing teaching practices?128
What measures can be put in place to ensure that students are not simply relying on AI as a crutch, but are actively engaging with the learning process?139
How might the use of AI impact traditional assessments and evaluations of student learning?1411
How might the use of AI in education change the role of teachers and the way that they interact with students?1512

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