Shared calendars in your school setting?

23 Nov

I am currently having this conversation in my school about how to get others to adopt a shared calendar system. However, we currently use many different platforms. Some users feel they have no need for an online calendar. Others feel they need it greatly, especially when trying to find a common meeting time. Often it means there are 20+ emails generated between only a few members of staff. Here are some thoughts about how to get everyone on board.

For successful implementation of shared calendars in a school, it’s important to:

  1. Clearly communicate the benefits of using shared calendars, such as improved communication and organization.
  2. Provide comprehensive training and support to ensure that all educators and administrators understand how to use the system effectively.
  3. Encourage buy-in and participation by making the calendar system a requirement for all staff and teachers.
  4. Foster a culture of collaboration by promoting the use of shared calendars for scheduling events and meetings.
  5. Continuously monitor and assess usage and gather feedback from users to make improvements and ensure the system meets their needs.

By taking these steps, you can increase adoption and build a culture of shared calendar use in a school of any size.

Have you transitioned your school to an online system?

If so, how?

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