Stuck in COVID: A post for your kids with tech

15 Dec

Are you a student in year 4, 5, or 6 who loves to have fun while learning? Do you have an Apple device that you use for school work? If so, here are some fun ways you can use your Apple products to make learning more enjoyable:

  1. Turn Siri into Your Personal Assistant

Did you know that Siri can help you with your school work? Try asking Siri to remind you to take a break every hour or to play your favorite song when you finish your homework. You can also ask Siri to set reminders for your upcoming tests or assignments.

  1. Create a Stop Motion Animation

Using your iPad and the iMovie app, you can create a stop motion animation. Use clay, Lego, or any other materials to create characters and scenes. Then, use your iPad to take pictures of each frame. The iMovie app can then compile the frames into a stop motion animation. This is a great way to show what you’ve learned in a creative and fun way.

  1. Play Games That Help You Learn

There are many educational games available on the App Store that can help you learn while having fun. For example, “Math Bingo” is a game that helps you practice your math skills by playing bingo, while “Stack the States” is a game that teaches you geography by asking you to stack states on top of each other.

  1. Use Augmented Reality to Explore the World

Did you know that your Apple device can help you explore the world in a new and exciting way? With Apple’s ARKit technology, you can experience augmented reality on your iPhone or iPad. Try using the “Sky Guide” app to point your iPad at the sky and learn about the stars and constellations.

  1. Make a Movie Trailer

Have you read a book that you really enjoyed? Or are you working on a project that you’re proud of? Using your iPad and the iMovie app, you can create a movie trailer to showcase your work. Add music, special effects, and titles to make your trailer more exciting.

In conclusion, using your Apple products can be a fun and creative way to make learning more enjoyable. By turning Siri into your personal assistant, creating a stop motion animation, playing educational games, using augmented reality to explore the world, and making a movie trailer, you can have fun while you learn.


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