Hey, Parents. What That IPad Is Doing to Your Kid Is Kind of Shocking. | 2machines

30 May

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“The restaurant is overrun with children. Some kids are antsy, others are well-behaved, but a good number of them have one thing in common: their heads are facing down, as they play games on smartphones and tablets.

Oh, and 1-in-10 have ADHD.”

Thomas Adam Johnson‘s insight:

I am acutely aware that my son plays on an iPad a lot.  I am always interested to read articles that argue this is not good practice in order to hear why.  This article explains some of the reward and dopamine effects that games and apps give to kids and that can’t continually be replicated in life.  


I was going to make a certain argument, but the author did it for me: “These games are compelling to the kids,” he said. “Instead of battling to eliminate them, we could use them to actually develop social skills.”

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