How to improve your writing in WordPress

13 May

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WordPress is a powerful and popular CMS for nearly all types of websites. But what about content creation? Writing is one of the most important aspects of a website especially for freelancers, small business owners and individuals.


WordPress is actively criticised for this part of the experience. Users frequently find themselves using other software to write and then somehow transferring it into WordPress (very often by copying and pasting). This practice isn’t productive.


Let’s see how the situation can be improved. Can we write directly in WordPress? Can it help us to setup a smooth content creation process? We’ll undoubtedly need some plugins for that. In this article we’ll review some nifty tools and tips to enhance the WordPress writing experience and therefore become more productive content creators.

Thomas Adam Johnson‘s insight:

Some interesting plugins, tips, and tricks to help out that I had never heard of before.  

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