Tinkering School: Think, Make, Tinker!

25 Mar

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Gever Tulley founded Tinkering School in 2005 in order to learn how children become competent and to explore the notion that kids can build anything, and through building, learn anything. The foundation of Tinkering School is putting power-tools in the hands of 8 year-olds; using real tools and real materials to build big projects. Really big projects.

Starting with a rollercoaster in 2005 (100′ of track and big enough for any of the kids or adults to ride), the kids at Tinkering School have built a 3-story 30′ tall treehouse (with no permanent attachment to the tree), a rope bridge made from plastic shopping bags (strong enough to hold all 8 tinkerers – simultaneously), and any number of vehicles and boats (tested, of course, on the Pacific Ocean waters of Half Moon Bay).

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