Note-Worthy ideas and Sites

09 Jan
multiple choice

(Photo credit: nchenga)

Here are a few that I think are note-worthy:

  • – This site allows groups to gather information live with a response system that can be projected.  For example, True and False, or Multiple Choice answers can be consolidated on the fly.
  • – A good site for students to work at their own pace on Math.  The downside is that it costs money, but it seems worth it.
  • – This Adaptive Learning Platform has a lot of potential.  Personalized learning for everyone.  The company is starting with Math, but looks like it will be working towards lots of neat things.
  • TheSchoolofOne – Keeping with the idea of the two aforementioned sites, this idea revolves around each child learning at their own speed.  Neat.
  • Quest2Learn – Quest is a translation of the underlying form of games into a powerful pedagogical model for 6-12th graders.

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