Stop Cyber-bullying Now!

05 Aug



The following video shows a glimpse of what some of the worst outcomes are from cyber-bullying:


How many people are getting cyber bullied a year?

Bullying statistics 2010:

New bullying statistics for 2010 revealed about one in seven students in grades kindergarten through 12th grade is either a bully or has been a victim of bullying. Sometimes a teen or child who has been bullied eventually becomes the bully as a way to retaliate. In fact, revenge for bullying is one of the strongest motivations for school shootings, according to recent bullying statistics. A reported 61 percent of students said they believe students shoot others at school because they have been victims of physical violence at home or at school. This is a true indicator that bullying can occur in all forms by other students, children, teens as well as adults. According to various bullying studies, many teens and children act out violently on their peers through acts of bullying because they are abused at home.

Other bullying statistics:

  • Over half, about 56 percent, of all students have witnesses a bullying crime take place while at school.
  • A reported 15 percent of all students who don’t show up for school report it to being out of fear of being bullied while at school.
  • There are about 71 percent of students that report bullying as an on-going problem.
  • Along that same vein, about one out of every 10 students drops out or changes schools because of repeated bullying.
  • One out of every 20 students has seen a student with a gun at school.
  • Some of the top years for bullying include 4th through 8th graders in which 90 percent were reported as victims of some kind of bullying.
  • Other recent bullying statistics reveal that 54 percent of students reported that witnessing physical abuse at home can lead to violence in school.
  • Among students of all ages, homicide perpetrators were found to be twice as likely as homicide victims to have been bullied previously by their peers.
  • There are about 282,000 students that are reportedly attacked in high schools throughout the nation each month.

Bullycide statistics:

Suicide continues to be one of the leading causes of death among children under the age of 14. Bullycide is a term used to describe suicide as the result of bullying. New bullying statistics 2010 are reporting that there is a strong connection between bullying, being bullied and suicide, according to a new study from the Yale School of Medicine. Suicide rates are continuing to grow among adolescents, and have grown more than 50 percent in the past 30 years.


  • Think about online safety.
  • If you are a student, kid or teen, watch these videos.  Think about yourself and how someone has effected you or how you are effecting someone.  If you need to:

Tell someone.

  • If you are a teacher or parent, start by showing and talking to kids about any of the following videos:


Cyber-Bullying Talent Show – You wouldn’t say this in person

Do you really know who you are talking to?

Bulletin Board – Once you put it in Cyber-Space, it is always there

Be careful what you post.  You never know who is going to see it

Sweety High – Straight talk about Cyber-Bullying

Anyone can seem like a different person Online – Brad Paisley

Consequences of Cyber-Bullying

Internet Stranger – Possible Case Scenarios

Read more about cyber-bullying.


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