Here’s a quick way to get attention, give proof, and have a strategy

24 May


Read this now to understand my gripping way to write.  This article showcases the formula for how I will post in the future.  Within each article I will follow a casual, strategic, useful and therefore an easy to follow style of writing.  After grabbing your attention like I did already I will make you want to read on because I will systematically give you proof like the following.


In the jump article by ProBlogger, “making posts easy to scan” and “consistency” are two points that I will also use in my blog posts.  Chris Brogan reiterates making posts easy to read with the idea of structure.  He says:

Note that I use the “strong” tag to separate segments throughout the post. There are a few reasons to do that:

  • It gives your eyes a way to skim.
  • It breaks up the post.
  • It rolls into an easy summary


In each blog post, you will notice that I will:

  • be compartmentalized into the three categories: Attention, Proof and Strategy because it is simple, formulaic and logical.
  • use bulleted lists as often as possible, as they are easier to read and glean information from quickly
  • highlight important information within articles, to allow for people to skim fast through articles for the most relevant information
  • support reasons with sourced, recent and relevant evidence as this University of North Carolina article points to as having impact.

You too, can write good articles by following this simplified strategy.  Read more at the jumps listed earlier or do some relevant and recent research by searching for: “How to write good blogs”.  Tell me what you think of my new approach to blog writing.



One response to “Here’s a quick way to get attention, give proof, and have a strategy

  1. Aloha

    May 24, 2011 at 1:26 pm

    Great post, Tom!
    – it’s concise
    – it’s easy to read
    – it’s based on sound research

    Looking forward to more insightful articles from you.


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