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10 May

Hello students, educators, professionals, prospective employees and possibly even prospective employers.  I am sure that you are aware that you need to consider your online presence.  You need to worry about what you post on Facebook and tailor your comments professionally on blogs and websites because you know that once you post something it is always out there.

Future schools, employers, colleagues and acquaintances will all possibly be able to see what you created.  It’s best that you take a proactive approach to the internet and create your professional existence.

That said, I came across an excellent ePortfolio just now through LinkedIn (I would consider this site a professional’s Facebook).  The portfolio created by Eric Forsyth had these elements that you might consider for yourself, especially if you are an educator, but you could adapt them accordingly:

  • Home
  • Contact Information
  • Education
  • Employment History
  • Promotion Timeline
  • Teaching Timeline
  • Scholarship Timeline
  • Service Timeline
  • Teaching and Advising
  • Publications
  • Presentations
  • Research Studies
  • Authorship Samples
  • Service
  • Grants
  • Recognition
  • Affiliation
  • References
  • Family
  • Outdoor Pursuits
  • Just Out Riding

It makes me feel like I need to do more substantial things in my life.  You might think so too.  I look at Dr. Forsyth’s efolio and compare it to my rendition.  Noting differences, he is missing artistry and my idea of good resources and videos.

You too, can and should update or create your very own ePorfolio if you haven’t done so already.  You could do that here at, start one on Google Sites or try eFolios or just do a Google Search for Online Portfolios and decide which website suits you best.  It’s best to start early and keep it up, because you would be surprised how many things you can add to it if you are diligent enough.

To see Eric Forsyth’s portfolio click here


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2 responses to “Good ePortfolio example

  1. Eric Forsyth

    July 19, 2011 at 6:11 am

    Hi Tom,

    I noted with surprise that you spoke of my e-folio. Thanks for the kind words. As for artistry, good resources and videos, something for me to think about with regard to future additions.

    Take care.



  2. | Tom Johnson

    July 23, 2011 at 5:04 am

    Awesome for you to find my blog and note what I have written about your excellent work. It is truly inspirational. Thanks for the comment.


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