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Using Google Docs for students with colored criterion

I have found a fantastic way to use Google Docs with students. Google Docs allows us to share documents like Word through the cloud. We can edit at the same time allowing the sharing of information back & forth.

What this enables me to do is create color coded criterion.

The students take this criterion and color code their answers to show they have covered all parts. It allows very quick examination from a student and a teacher to see where something may have been missed.

Feedback from the students also has demonstrated they like this way of doing things. I have encouraged them to take this idea beyond Google Docs to better examine chunky sets of instructions.


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Site Objectives

With an endless assortment of knowledge and junk out there, it’s hard to slow down to digest what we encounter.

I am setting a couple aims and goals for this site:
A. Updated regularly
B. Cutting edge – This may be more easily done through Joomla
C. Useful
D. Aesthetic
E. Easy to Use – A Search would be useful

Your comments and ideas are more than welcome.


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