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How did you hear that Osama was killed?

I bet that you heard that Osama Bin Laden was killed from a different source that how you heard that Princess Diana or JFK was killed?

The reason I bet this is because you heard the other two were killed on the TV, whereas the latest story you read through the news on the web, through Twitter or because of a post on Facebook.

Gosh, how things are changing.

In the future, be it five years, ten, twenty or more, how will we be viewing, reading, hearing and sensing the news?  Media will continue to be more self-directed.

We have seen the advent of Sony, Samsung and Apple internet-TV, NetVibes, and iGoogle.  RSS feeders have been around for a while, and then of course there is Tweetdeck to help manage Twitter Tweets.  We are no long er passive readers and watchers.  We want what we want, when we want it, how we want it and how much we want of it.

We don’t like to stop for commercials, so they better be built right in somewhere and if we really like something you can bet we are going to share, tweet, like, or stumble it.  Our groups of friends and contacts are going to get to hear, watch and read what we did.

But it is going to get better with time.  Media itself, along with the ads that we see are learning from us and then cater to us.  Trends are amalgamating about things that we are doing.  What then, are you doing to help with trending for yourself?  How are you making your life easier?  Are you still watching the TV or reading an actual newspaper for your information?

Think about it now.  Act on it soon.

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