Videos | Educational

Below, are videos that I feel could be used in educational manners.  Find the corresponding star rating below:

★★★★★ Need to keep coming back
★★★★ Excellent Resource
★★★ Well done
★★ Worthwhile looking at
★ Interesting Points to ponder

Are our Children learning enough about whales
Onion Parody | Education ★★

Are you typical | 7 Billion

National Geographic ★★★★

Bottle Lights
Kawun Earth ★★

Did you know
Human Capital Edition – 2009 ★★★★

Did you know there were this many satellites in orbit ★

Doodling in Math Class
Stars ★★

Double Your Gas Mileage ★★

Common Myths Debunked ★★★★

Flexible Folding Chair
“Folding Love” ★

Gestures and Body Language ★★

See also:

Handwriting Emails
by Pilot ★★

Happy Denmark★★

How to Peel a Potato really Fast ★

Life is for Sharing
Collaboration Liverpool St. Station ★

Math Class needs a makeover ★★★

Math of M.C. Escher ★

Milk trick
Scientific Tuesdays ★

Altoid “The Office” ★★

Pi sounds like this
Michael Johns Blake ★

Piano Stairs
Fun Theory ★★★

Point of View
December ★★★

Resource Furniture
Space Saving to the Extreme ★★★★

Shift Happens
2010 ★★★★

“The William” | Intelligent ★

Tenth Dimension
How to Imagine it ★★★

Test your Awareness ★★

Typography about Language
Ronnie Bruce ★★★

Water Drops at 2000 Frames per second ★★

Water Freezing midair
-30C in Yellowknife, NWT ★

Water into Marbles
Science Experiment ★

Where do Ideas come from? ★★

Flight Mikrocopter
Hexacopter ★

Nature by Numbers | Phi | Jeff DeMeglio ★★★

Follow the Ball ★★

Sonic Boom
meets SunDog ★

What I wish I knew when I was 18
Stephen Fry ★★★


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