3 Expressing Ourselves

Disclaimer:  POI Resources are meant for educators to use.  Some sites or videos are not appropriate for children, due to content or inappropriate advertising.  If using a video, please preview in it’s entirety.

Expressing Ourselves – Websites:
wikipedia deviantart slodive
worth1000 scionxpressionism quora
Program of Inquiry Core
How We Express OurselvesAn inquiry into the ways in which we discover and express ideas, feelings, nature, culture, beliefs and values; the ways in which we reflect on, extend and enjoy our creativity; our appreciation of aesthetic. 3 Expressing OurselvesKey Concepts: form, perspective, reflection

Related Concepts: movement, self expression, communication

Central Idea: Participating in the arts develops my creativity, appreciation and self-expression

Lines of inquiry:

  • How we respond to the arts
  • How we express ourselves through the arts
  • How we can record and develop awareness and appreciation for the arts – individual and groups responses


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