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The future of the Files and Downloads section will include videos that go with the files.  They will show how to use and carry out the strategies within.

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Online Collaborative Resources

Ning Thesis


This essay examines the use of Nings as online social networks in student performance using a pre-test versus post-test data analysis. It highlights the benefits of using this type of online resource, especially for students who have proven they cannot do group work in class.

Conversely, it substantiates some of the weariness, hesitation or negativism that users may have.  Let this thesis be a warning that educators who use forums and other untested or unproven sites on the internet may have higher-level students demonstrating acquired disinformation.  Teachers need to be aware of this fact and prepare for it accordingly.

Color Coding | Using Google Docs

The following document is an example of criterion used in MYP technology.  It is color-coded, and shared with students so they can color code their own projects to compare quickly and visually what they should be doing.


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