Too fast – AI: the DAWN OF FRISSON.

30 Mar

November 22, 2022 was an exciting day to reflect upon. However, with the take-up and the excitement – and the competition, it seems that everyone (or many, many) of the companies are now competing with one another to up the ante. And while AI is currently mimicking us, and also beating most of us at most things, it soon it will be outperforming and outsmarting us in ALL things.
This is worrying.
Now, I was you to read this article about some of those leading the pack – asking for EVERYONE TO SLOW DOWN:

Ok, so slow down is a big take-away.

If we are slowing down, let’s also get a grip on what AI is. For this, why not start with Season 1, episode 1 of this YouTube Original –

Keep going, of course.

Let’s watch these together and continue the conversations that are sparked because of this:


Definition: a frisson is a thrilling shiver. Something terrifying and awesome.


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