Where is AI going?

02 Feb

I have become enthralled with the happenings of AI and its development. My two predictions are of AI sentience and the merging of humans with AI. Terrifying and exhilarating! What are your thoughts?

Sentience refers to the capacity of a being to have subjective experiences and sensations, also known as consciousness. It is the ability to feel, perceive, and have awareness of one’s surroundings and one’s own experiences. Sentience is typically associated with qualities such as subjective experiences of pain, pleasure, and emotions. The concept is often used to differentiate between living beings that are capable of experiencing the world around them and non-living objects or systems that lack this capacity.

Currently, there is no consensus among experts about whether or when artificial intelligence will achieve sentience. Some experts believe that it may be possible in the future to create AI systems that have some degree of consciousness, while others believe that true sentience may be impossible to achieve with current technology. There is no evidence that any AI system has achieved sentience to date, and it remains an open question as to whether this will ever be possible.

But, really?

Watch this video:

It’s important to note that sentience is a complex and poorly understood phenomenon, and the nature of consciousness remains one of the great mysteries of science. Even AI states that predictions about the future of AI and sentience should be made with caution.

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