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03 Jun

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rt-comings.  Google Apps Management Managing Google Apps successfully is crucial to running an organized domain. Users must be provisioned and deprovisioned in a timely manner and Groups and Org. Units should be set up to create efficiency within your organization. Traditionally, Google Apps management is done through the Google Apps Admin Console, which allows administrators to perform most of the necessary tasks. But the Admin Console is not only difficult to navigate, it actually lacks key features necessary for managing a …

Thomas Adam Johnson‘s insight:

With the integration of Google Apps for education at our school there are some shortcomings.  One of them is group contacts.  FlashPanel appears to be the best solution, although it costs money.  For example, we will populate the lists so that someone can type in a last name into the address bar and a student’s name, along with their parent’s email addresses will populate to be chosen.  Wow!

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