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13 Jan

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OUR WORK HAPPENS IN THREE RELATED PARTSWe change the way teaching and learning happens in our schools though New Tech Network and EDWorks.  These organizations develop and help administrators and teachers implement innovative and more effective learning environments.  We help community leaders build civic infrastructure to develop accountability, deliver resources, and sustain reform within a community through StriveTogether.  StriveTogether assists in the creation of a shared community vision and empowers stakeholders to organize action and investment around data and evidence.We educate legislators, policy makers, educators, business leaders and the community at large on future trends in teaching and learning, on the need for change, on potentialpolicies to adopt, and on the mechanisms needed to implement these ideas.

Thomas Adam Johnson‘s insight:

This multicompany appears to be working towards the future for learning through things like: asynchronous learning, multiple forms, place-based learning, playlists, personalization, digital networking, and social innovation.

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