Online Learning Resources

05 Feb

I was asked a question today from a colleague about what online learning resources there were for only a dollar.  The answer is better than you might think.  I typed in Google, “Free Online Courses” and came up with a whole bunch of viable options.  At the top of the list was has options for Archaeology, Architecture, Art History, Classics and Classical World, Cultural Studies, Economics, Foreign Languages, Geography, History, Journalism, Law, Literature, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Religion, Sociology, Urban Studies. and many, many sciences.

While I was leaving through the website, there was one in the back of my mind which I couldn’t remember, but which taught me a lot about mathematics.  The next email, believe it or not, was a request to have a program installed which worked alongside the website I was trying to remember.  That website of awesomeness was Check it out for yourself and learn something well about something important.


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