Videos | Inspirational

Below, are videos that I find inspirational.  Many could be used in educational manners.  Find the corresponding star rating below:

★★★★★ Need to keep coming back
★★★★ Excellent Resource
★★★ Well done
★★ Worthwhile looking at
★ Interesting Points to ponder

Advice to Live by ★★★★

Amazing Art
Phil Hansen ★★★

Amazing Blue Shipping Container Camera ★★

Amazing Light Projection ★★★
See also

Animator vs Animation

Albino Blacksheep ★★
See also A vs A II ★★
Play A vs A Game ★★★

Art of Flight
Base Jumping and Wingsuits ★★

A whole new world
Nick Pitera (1:00 mark gets good) ★★★

The Best of BBoys ★★★
See also Boneless ★★★

Bugatti Veyron
Fastest streetcar | uses gas in 12 minutes ★★★

Dancing Matt

Where the heck is he? ★★★

Danny McAskill

Excellent Bike Riding ★★★

David Blain on Holding Breath for 17 minutes and 4 secs ★★★

Daylight Window Concept Presentation ★★

Dub Fx

Sooth Your Pain ★★

Dubstep ★★★

Dubstepping ★★★

Hang Cousins

Interesting | Beautiful Music ★★

Harry Potter

So many styles | Piano ★★

Ken Block

Car Racing | Drifting ★★★

People are Awesome
Miscellaneous Tricks | Stunts ★★★★

Rube Goldberg

Ok Go | This too shall pass ★★★

Symphony of Science
Scientific knowledge in musical form ★★

Special Flip on Bike – World’s First ★★

Street Knowledge by King Adz ★★★

Synchronized Skydiving ★★★

Table Drumming

Well Synchronized ★★★

Compare this video with the one above

Table Drumming Spoof
Funny ★★

Teenage Dream

Acapella | One Man, Different Instruments ★★★

Unbelievable stunts and world records ★★★

Underwater Astonishments

David Gallo ★★★★

Was it luck or was it skill? ★★★★

World Order – Machine Civilization ★★★


Google 2010 Year in Review ★★★★

Dark side of the Lens
Surfing | Cinematography ★

Kuroshio Seaworld

2nd Largest Aquarium tank in World ★

Nightclub LED

Smack ★

Kyle & Logan Training for Olympics Doubles (GOLD MEDAL) ?? from Ryan Guettler on Vimeo.

Training for Olympic Doubles Biking ★


One response to “Videos | Inspirational

  1. Jim

    April 2, 2011 at 1:04 am

    Great Videos. Where do you find all these? I will be coming back looking for more soon. Keep updating them please.



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