Blogging with WordPress

This is a quick way for educators to get started with blogging in their class (Age 13 and older). Each section might take about one class period to work on. I use to get started. You and your students will need to sign up for an account to get going. Once you have done that, follow along with the different sections. There is one section that requires the use of Adobe Dreamweaver, but you could adapt using pure HTML coding, which I haven’t shown.

Intro | Trivia | Posting | Adding Media | Nested Pages | Anchors and Jumps | Personal Settings | Videos

Part 1 – Intro

First you will want to change the major things people will notice in your blog.

  • Change: Settings – General
    • Customized Blog Picture/Icon
    • Change Site Title
    • Change Tag Line
  • Change: Appearance
    • Theme (Allows Drop-down Menus)
    • Widgets –
      • Links
      • Recent Posts
      • Meta
  • Add: Links
    • to Classmates websites (Popout in Blank)
    • Add: Link Categories
  • Add: Pages (Menus) –
    • About Me
    • Where I am from: Trivia
    • Other

Part 2 – Trivia

On this day you should be getting the Trivia Section set up:

  • It should have at least ten different tidbits of information
  • The information should be bullet pointed
  • Look at the difference between VISUAL and HTML to see how bullets are made
  • You should create Links to the 10 different sources
  • Make sure to check: Open in a New Link or Tab

If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to start blogging each day about things that you are doing in your blog. They are called Posts.

Part 3 – Posting

Today you will concentrate on Posting.

  • You will go back over everything that you have done and make sure that you have a post for each day
  • You will start to create Categories – These are common themes that you might use more than ten times
  • You will also make Post Tags – These are words that people might want to search. They will also show up in the Tag Cloud you are going to insert
  • Insert a Tag Cloud using the Widgets
  • You will change the Publish immediately of some of your posts, either to the past, or in the future, so that it releases on a certain date, at a certain time

You will also concentrate on getting the About Me Section completed

  • It should mention any modification you might make to an original recipe
  • It will have a link to the source

Try adding a <hr> (Line)

Part 4 – Adding Media

Add Pictures on each page (You need to go back and add images to posts too)

  • Choose Link URL = None
  • Alignment = up to you
  • Size = up to you
  • Don’t Forget – Insert into Post

You are allowed to use pictures that you have or find from the internet. To do so – Choose From URL (Like you see in the image above)

You need to cite the information for where the picture came from with a link to that page

Go to Users – My Profile

  • Update information
  • Add Gravatar (Different from Blog Picture/Icon)

Part 5 – Nested Pages

Under the page “About Me” you will create other pages. “Music”, “Sports”, “Games”, and “Movies” In each of the pages, you will list at least 5 of each of your favorite, and possibly an explanation about them.

You will concentrate on making page navigation work properly

This means that you will go to each Parent Page and put links to Child Pages like you see below

This way, a user never comes to a Blank page AND they can navigate to the page they want with only One Click

Part 5 – Anchors and Jumps

You are going to work on Anchoring and Jumping within a page.


  1. Create a 2 column, one row table
  2. In the Left side write “Music” and “Sports” on separate lines
  3. In the Right side write “Games” and “Movies”

You will create Anchors and Links on the Same Page

  1. Create 4 Sections below your table.
  2. First Music
  3. Then Sports
  4. Next Games
  5. Finally Movies
  6. Add Anchors above each Section, named appropriately

  1. Create Links to each of the section Anchors with the names in the Table
  2. Use the Link Dropdown# to choose the link on the page

  1. Copy all information from the Music, Sports, Games and Movies and put them in the sections on this page
  3. Delete Music, Sports, Games and Movies Pages


MusicSports GamesMovies


  • Beastie Boys –
  • U2 –
  • Classical –
  • Techno –
  • Hip Hop –


  • Badminton –
  • Volleyball –
  • Soccer –
  • Skiing –
  • Ping-Pong –


  • Angry Birds –
  • DOTA –
  • Cityville –
  • Sims –
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops –
  • Halo 3 –


  • Harry Potter 8
  • Transformers 3
  • Pirates of the Carribean 4
  • Toy Story 3
  • Kung Fu Panda 2

Part 6 – Personal Settings


Check all the following:


Automatically proofread content when:

a post or page is first published
a post or page is updated

English Options

Enable proofreading for the following grammar and style rules when writing posts and pages:

Biased Language
Complex Phrases
Diacritical Marks
Double Negatives
Hidden Verbs
Passive Voice
Phrases to Avoid
Redundant Phrases

Part 7 – Videos

Create a page called “My Favorite Videos”

  • Go to Youtube
  • Get videos that you find amazing and are appropriate
  • Click SHARE
  • Click EMBED
  • Copy the

  • Embed 4 videos in the HTML tab on your blog
  • You can also try copying the “Link to this video” field and inserting it directly into VISUAL

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