Learn more about these people

26 Nov

More recently I have been told to either investigate, read about, or read books or articles from the following people:

  • John Hattie – Professor John Allan Clinton Hattie, ONZM has been Professor of Education and Director of the Melbourne Education Research Institute at the University of Melbourne, Australia, since March 2011.
  • Carol S. Dweck – is the Lewis and Virginia Eaton Professor of Psychology at Stanford University. She graduated from Barnard College in 1967 and earned a Ph.D. from Yale University in 1972.
  • Guy Claxton – has been Co-Director of the Centre for Real-World Learning (CrL), and Professor of the Learning Sciences, at the University of Winchester. He previously held the same title at the University of Bristol Graduate School of Education. He has a ‘double first’ from Cambridge and a DPhil from Oxford, and is a Fellow of the British Psychological Society and the Royal Society of Arts, and an Academician of the Academy of the Social Sciences. His books have been translated into many languages including Japanese, Greek, Italian, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

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2 responses to “Learn more about these people

  1. bluewoodtree

    November 28, 2012 at 9:30 pm

    Those people really seem to be interesting, but what makes their articles and books so special, why have those been recommended to you, and what do these people write abiout more in particular?

    • | Tom Johnson

      November 30, 2012 at 1:20 pm

      We have had a few speakers and prospective heads of school talking with us. These are the names that keep coming up in their references. In answer to your question, “what do these people write abiout more in particular?” I will leave that to viewers to find out. Thanks for writing.


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