What’s at Techex 2011

20 Mar

Intended for the average teacher, rather than just the nerds (like me).  Ian Jukes will be the key-note speaker talking about learning as a digital native at TechEx, an exciting conference that I will unhappily not be able to attend.  Ideas for the conference are listed below:

  • The Facebook debate will be a drama contesting and supporting the notions behind this social network
  • 21st Century Learning ideas – 2 minute ideas about lots and lots of different things – with free prizes from sponsors
  • Big building with neat TedTalk – and discussions
  • Flip Thinking- Let’s rethink the idea of homework – Are kids doing the hard stuff at home and the easy stuff in school?
  • iPads and Slates – Sharing of ideas about them – Should 1:1s be switching to these?
  • Hy Tek Software – for use with physical activities
  • Blogs – Student blogs and links to the outside world – How are schools using these properly?
  • One-Note – A Fantastic collaborative tool to be discussed
  • The Perfect School and how it should look
  • 3D World
  • Moodle
  • Intelligently Searching the Search Engines – Searching Twitter, Subscription Databases

John Tratner asked groups at the ISTEC meeting to ask for some of the things that we would like to see.  We came up with these ideas:

  • Inspirational Moodle stuff – courses or styles of courses (innovative ways to use it)
  • Ways that Classroom teachers are using tech beyond the tech teacher
  • How Chrome OS fits into education
  • Google apps and Google Docs – How are they using it
  • Bookmark synching methods
  • Giver (for sharing files) – Linux-based
  • Introducing Lino-It
  • Online Storage – DropBox – Boxnet
  • Using Freecorder – For downloading video, sound from computer and converting files

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