Basic Reading in Google Search – ISTEC final notes

13 Mar

At the ISTEC meeting we had the session that I usually enjoy the most.  It is a time when people come up and show a thing or two they find nifty.  It is usually the cutting edge stuff that no one has seen before.  For example:

Search for kids

  • Google – Advanced Search (basic reading age)

Go to Google – Advanced Search

Choose Reading Level:

Another great Kids Search example was:

Some of the latest resources mentioned are listed below:

  • – a dropbox add-in allows others to send files to your dropbox
  • edmodo –  an excellent, free (course management system) CMS for teachers and students
  • – adds twitter feed URLs to your delicious account
  • calibre – e-books library management system
  • epubread – allows you to read ePubs in Firefox
  • – fun ways to share and collaborate online

Concerning e-portfolios, these items were presented:

A noteworthy site to work in conjunction with those listed above:

  • topicmarks – summarizes text documents for you electronically

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